Red Willow Brewery Wreckless (4.8%)

WrecklessI know that lots of people love Red Willow, but I’ve their bottles very hit and miss.
This one, however, is an absolute hit.
Wreckless is a wonderfully soft and fruity Pale Ale.
It sits a bright orange marmalade in my glass with a lovely cloud of foam for a head.
The smell is passion fruit, mango and lime leaves, and the malts are thick with soft honey and shortbread.
The hops here are super.
A big wash of lemon and lime, sharp and bitter sweet, heaps of grapefruit zest and peach juice.
And then there’s a finish that’s equally honey rich and citrus sharp that leaves a lovely lingering dryness.
I could drink this all night.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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