Revolutions Brewing Co. Identity (6%)

IdentityBiased I might be, but I do believe that Revolutions are getting better with every beer they brew.
Identity is an “Extra Strong Bitter” and it’s very good indeed.
Slouching in my glass a dark conker red with a big bouffant of foam for a head, it smells of brandy sozzled peaches on oak floorboards.
And they’re probably down there because they had a heavy night.
The malt is a Speakeasy bouncer, not letting you get to the good stuff unless you know the right thing to say, which in this case is, “Bugger me, these sultanas have been stewed in rum!”
Once in the back room, after a nod and a wink, you get to sample the hops.
They’re big, naked and gyrating.
All orange rind and nettle whips, peppery vine leaves and lemon juice zing.
After enjoying the show you leave with the warm, damp boozy taste of honey and damsons whispering behind your back about just how uncool you are for not hanging around as long as they do.
Yes, Revolutions are getting better with every beer.

Source: Ales 4 You

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