Abbaye Mont Des Cats Bière Trappiste (7.6%)

Mont Des CatsUntil this turned up in my mixed case from The Beer Hawk I didn’t know that it existed.
Doing about two minutes of research I discovered that it’s brewed at the same place as Chimay, the Abbey of Notre Dame de Scourmont.
So is it a Trappist beer or is it an Abbey beer?
I’m not going to waste any time finding out, but if you know then please get in touch.
What I will say is that I’m aware that many Abbey beers are contract brewed for the Abbeys in question while generally the Trappist ones are not.
Though I may be wrong.
I often am.
Whatever the provenance, Monts Des Cats is really very nice.
Pouring a dark ruby red, the aroma is aniseed balls, cherries and bread dough.
There’s a wash of soft malt that’s rich with raisins, croissants, a touch of Cognac and some heather honey.
Everything’s pleasantly sticky, mouth coating but not cloying, and over this the hops are green herbal leaves and black tea, hazelnuts and a hint of sour apple juice that leaves a sweet, dry honey sweet finish.
Very good indeed.


Source: The Beer Hawk

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5 Responses to Abbaye Mont Des Cats Bière Trappiste (7.6%)

  1. Kevin Patrick says:

    Yes, this does indeed count as a Trappist beer, and is recognised as such by the International Trappist Association. It’s one of only nine in the world which can carry the Trappist name on the label. I picked my samples up directly from the Mont des Cats Abbey last December – a fascinating place on the French-Belgian border. This abbey used to have its own brewery, and there are plans to restart this on site, though the beer for now is as you say brewed in Chimay.

    My samples had the usual liquid Christmas pudding taste and feel associated with this style, though I felt they were a touch harsher and less rounded than I would have expected. Perhaps a little more time to mellow would have helped.

    I was lucky enough to be able to compare my example against one from each of the other Trappist breweries, and I would personally rate this as a very good, if not yet top rank, example of the genre. Definitely worth a cross channel day trip to pick some up from the Abbey, call into St Sixtus in nearby Westvleteren, then pop into the Vanuxeem beershop in Ploegsteert to get the rest from their stock of 850 different beers!

    • Thanks for filling in the information.
      That shop sounds ace.

      • Kevin Patrick says:

        That shop is easily the best within an hour’s drive of Calais. Use a satnav though or you will never find it! Because it’s in a French speaking enclave (France to the South; Flanders to the North) they stock a huge range of Wallonian beers which are not usually found in the Dutch speaking North & West. And the prices will make you weep – around £32 for a crate of 24 bottles of Val Dieu Triple, or Super des Fagnes, or St Feuillen Blonde for example. Or try a mixed box of 24 different ones for around £20. Sorry, I should be pushing Sixpenny Brewery beers really, shouldn’t I?

  2. steve says:

    this is the only trappist I’m yet to come accross

    • Kevin Patrick says:

      Shame. I have 3 in my beer stash…plus 30 other Trappists including the Austrian Engelszell. Sorry, that’s a bit mean isn’t it?!

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