Anarchy Brew Co. Smoke Bomb (3.9%)

Smoke BombIs this a Smoked Mild?
Anarchy’s take on a Rauchbier is really very good and I like it a lot.
It’s a bacon rasher beer, smoked and porky, it won’t be to everyone’s liking.
Smoke Bomb pours a deep dark purple with a big fat creamy head and its smell is Bavarian smoked ham.
There’s a very nice toffee and pumpernickel malt that gets more and more hammy as you drink.
Over this the hops are sharp and scratchy nettle leaves and hazelnut shells.
The finish is long and dry and crisp, but tempered by a sweet glazed pork.
As I said, not to everyone’s liking, but I love it.
Source: Ales 4 You

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