Backyard Brewhouse Premium (4.5%)

PremiumBackyard’s Premium is a good old fashioned Best Bitter.
And I’m a sucker for a well made Best Bitter as it’s the taste of my youth, playing pool in the back rooms of pubs, Friday nights out (unless I was in The Duke, Wellington, where I’d drink Newcastle Brown Ale straight from the bottle and mainly be found making one hell of a din), Best Bitter was my drink.
And Backyard Brewhouse are based in Walsall which is only a quick drive up the M54 from my old stomping ground.
So in honour of all this I shall review this beer with a West Midlands accent*.
Premium’s colour is a nice deep chestnut red and the smell is raisins and plums and green leaves.
The malts are treacle tart rich, sweet and meaty.
And the hops – Sovereign, First Gold and Styrian – give a crisp herbal leafiness, a twist of lemon and some very nice green tea.
The finish is sticky honey and nuts, pithy and long.
Yes indeedy, I really do like a well made Best Bitter.

*You might have to imagine the accent.
Source: Best Of British Beer

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