Brasserie De Cazeau Tournay Triple (9%)

Tournay TripleBooze wise, it may not have been wise to open this at 6.30 on a saturday evening.
But it’s a damned fine little bottle of beer.
Pouring a honey yellow with a big fat fluffy head, Tournay Triple smells of yeasty flowers and spiced dandelions.
Or something.
As my eyes are already beginning to gloss over and cross, it might be wise to just start listing the things I find in this beer instead of trying to write anything descriptive.

How to spot Tournay Triple in the field:

Honey, brioche, all spice, hazelnuts, lemons, chives, marigolds, tea leaves, artichokes, red peppers, currants, toffee, croissants, bath mats, oak leaves, fairies’ tears, hay bales, apple juice, grapefruit, green grape skins, pencil shavings, nail varnish, sherbet, head aches.

Not all the above are accurate.
Chee…ooh look, a pigeon.

Source: Duncan Murray Wines

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