BrewDog #Mashtag (7.4%)

#MashtagSo far I’ve only heard good things about this crowd sourced beer.
Maybe everyone who’s reviewed it so far was involved in making it and is therefore a little bit biased?
Not that #Mashtag is particularly bad.
It’s just nowhere near as good as the glowing comments I’ve read suggest.
For a start there’s a sticky, winey undercurrent, possibly from the oak chips, that’s a bit sweaty and unpleasant.
The smell’s OK, brown beer ad pool tables, whisky chasers and damp beer mats.
The malt is woody, chocolatey, sprinkled with raisins and doused in honey and rum.
I’m struggling to find the hazelnuts though.
Maybe I was expecting too much.
I was after Rogue’s Hazelnut Nectar.
This ain’t it.
The hops are brittle brown and red autumn leaves that crunch under their own weight.
With all that said this is still better by a country mile many other brown ales.
It’s just nowhere near what it could be, what it ought to be, what people say it is.


Source: The Beer Hawk

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