Rogue OREgasmic Ale (6%)

Rogue MembershipThis is one hell of a beer.
A big sexy beer.
Over the years Rogue have been growing their own ingredients, and so OREgasmic Ale is brewed entirely with their own barley and their own hops.
Before you say it, I’ve read the reports of Rogue’s treatment of Unions and workers back in 2011 and it sits very uncomfortably with me, makes me very uneasy that a company doing so many of the right things – reducing freight miles, growing their own crops – can get other things so wrong.
But I can’t help loving their beer.
And I’m a member of Rogue Nation.
Does that make me a hypocrite?

OREgasmic AleOREgasmic Ale pours a deep and inviting blood orange red and the smell is pine resin coated oranges and gumballs.
There’s a super sharp tang right from the first mouthful that makes your whole face tremble.
Deep down there’s a malt that’s round and red and full like a secret lover’s lips, fashioned from toffee and encrusted with peppercorns.
The hops are massively resinous, beautifully polished occasional tables laden with citrus fruits and sherbet coated treats.
Figs blow kisses, tangerines flash their seeds, and everything collapses into an orgiastic finish of exquisite head-numbingly bitter beauty.
I’m torn, I’m confused, I’m lost.
I love Rogue and I feel terrible about it.
Now I know how Homer felt as he ate Pinchy.

Source: Duncan Murray Wines

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