Thornbridge Reverend & The Makers Summer Ale (4.8%)

Reverend & The Maklers Summer AleTell me whatever you like.
Different hop profile.
Different malt recipe.
This tastes for all the world like WIld Swan.
Even with the slightly higher ABV.
It’s a pleasant enough little Pale Ale, even if it is a little bit weak around the edges.
The smell is light and airy and floats away before I get chance to really sniff it and the malting is a super soft and very polite caramel honey shortcake.
The hops are soft lemony pillows and a pinch of grapefruit zest.
But what really spoils it for me is that it has that sugary syrup thing I started to notice a year or so ago with Jaipur, it’s sweet, almost cloying, and rather sickly.
I have no idea who Reverend & The Makers are or what they sound like, but if this beer is in any way indicative of them then I’ll be giving them a miss.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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