Allendale Brewery Black IPA (8%)

Black IPAThis is very very good.
But it’s also slightly flawed.
Allendale have created an enormous Black IPA with a gigantic and almost overwhelming burned chocolate on toast malt, thick with molasses, black pepper, salt and roasted nuts.
It’s packed to the gills with resinous, piney, cuttingly sharp greenery, its hops are razorblades of lime rind and grapefruit juice.
The finish alone is worth the money, a long drawn out bitter dryness that prickles on your tongue, while the smell of dark chocolate and fruity sweets fills your nose.
Almost, very nearly brilliant, but it’s nowhere near fizzy enough.
Not quite flat but not far off, I wonder if the yeast is struggling under the weight.
As a result, although the flavours are absolutely superb, the feeling is a little bit flaccid.
Mind you, even with that said, this is a great little beer.
Des it need a few more weeks conditioning perhaps?

Source: Allendale Brewery

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