Art Brew Snergi Bergesson (6%)

Snergi BergessonSnergi is a big trouble making monster that John and Becky Art Brew invented to make themselves laugh.
They’re a tad mad.
And Snergi is a mental beer dreamed up by John and Becky to make you laugh as you get tipsy.
You’ll become a tad mad too.
Beginning with a huge fruity smell, Snergi pours a deep chestnut brown.
The label says, “malty sticky loveliness,” but then the label says a lot of stuff and all of it silly.
The malting is a massive gloopy toffee apple surrounded by gangs of pears wearing glittery nail varnish.
They may be worshipping at the tentacles of Snergi.
And just as you think you’ve got a malt rich Best Bitter, Snergi plops hops in your lap.
Great big swearwords of pineapple, mandarin, gooseberries and lighter fluid.
An alcoholic heat bulks out the flavours, makes everything a boozy haze, and you’re left with a numb tongue and a bloody big manic grin.
I heart Snergi.

Source: Art Brew

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