Arundel Brewery Old Knucker (5.5%)

Old KnuckerIn this bottle is a very good beer.
But man alive, sort out the labelling.
The artwork is so low resolution it looks out of focus.
I’m guessing the image is a knight fighting a dragon, but it’s so blurred it could well be a turd and a tomato.
Should that matter?
Yes, I think it should.
It’s about pride in your product and selling it to the best of your ability.
If you want people to try this then presentation goes a very long way.
Because Old Knucker (bad name too) is a very good Strong Old Ale.
It pours a lovely deep mahogany with a rich treacle and plum aroma.
This is a big chocolate coated plum compote of a beer with lots of sandalwood, samphire, honey, burned toast, coal tar soap, hedgerow greenery and prune juice.
And over that there’s woody hazelnuts and bramble jelly.
The finish is a fat, chewy red berry trifle that makes you want more.
But if this hadn’t come as part of a mixed case I’d never have tried it.
I’d have seen it on a shelf and left it alone.
Sort your labels out Arundel, as this is a superb beer.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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