First Chop Brewing Arm Ltd. DOC (4.1%)

DOCThis “Ultra Pale Ale” is my first from this brewery and it’s really rather nice.
I like the branding a lot, it’s fun, not too serious, good to look at.
And I like the name of the brewery, it conjures up old indie bands and nights listening to John Peel tell us that the next record is by some unknown blokes with a funny name, a la Half Man Half Biscuit.
But most importantly the beer tastes good.
DOC pours a light straw colour with a soft honey, mandarin and kiwi smell.
The malting is super light, a delicate buttery brioche with a runny caramel coating, but it’s the hops that win the day. There’s lots of New Zealand hops in here and they do just what you’d want them to.
With lots of kiwi and orange rind, lemon zest, lime leaves and fizzy sherbet gooseberries, the bitter and crisp flavour builds as you move down the glass, leaving you with a very nice dry finish.
Very good indeed.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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