Sonnet 43 Brewhouse Bourbon MIlk Stout (4.3%)

Bourbon Milk StoutThis could be a brilliant beer.
This could be a real favourite.
Dark and brooding in my glass, the smell is chocolate coated fruits locked in an old walnut cabinet.
The malts are prunes steeped in rum, bitter chocolate and treacle toffee.
There’s a subtle sweetness from the lactose, just sugary enough to lift everything without becoming sickly.
You get a big slosh of black coffee too, before the brittle and crumbly dead leaf woodland walk of the hops.
This could be a brilliant beer except that it’s a little bit thin.
The flavours are lovely but they disappear far too quickly.
This is completely subjective, but I think this Bourbon Milk Stout would benefit from being a couple of percent or so stronger in alcohol just to boost the strength of the flavours, support them a bit more, make for a warmer beer.
There’s some lovely barrel aged bitter sweet malty flavour here, but it needs more body.
In a nutshell it’s a stout that’s just not stout enough.
Almost brilliant, almost a favourite, but not quite.

Source: Ales 4 You

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