The Kernel London Sour (3.8%)

London SourI’ve been saving this little bottle, knowing how much I’d like it.
I wanted to really want it when the time came.
And so today after mowing both the front and back gardens, and with the very hot September sun on my back, I finally allowed myself to open it.
And it was worth the wait.
London Sour is crisp and dry and fresh and deeply, face puckeringly, sour.
The aroma is lemons and damp straw, and as you drink you find, hiding under the weight of the lip scorching sourness, a soft and nutty, hay bale and honey malt.
It’s a lovely surprise as it peeps up and smiles at you, its eyes glistening.
But then the razor sharp battery acid, lime and lychee bitterness comes back and molests your face.
Not everyone will love this, but I do.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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