The Wild Beer Co. Shnoodlepip (6.5%)

ShnoodlepipShnoodlepip is a collaboration between Wild Beer, Burning Sky and The Good George Brewery of New Zealand.
Lots of people were waxing lyrical about it at Birmingham Cubed a few weeks ago, and I stole a sip of it in Bristol last Saturday – It may even have been the last sip, sorry chaps.
So where do I begin?
Shnoodlepip is a dry, crisp, succulent summery Rosé wine of a beer.
Sitting in my glass like pink flower petal juice, the smell is spiced fruit compote.
There’s a delightful sour, Lambic-lite body, it’s lithe, supple, sexy even, and the passion fruit and pepper add a round spikiness while the hibiscus makes everything feel rather indulgent.
Leaving Shnoodlepip to mature in barrels is the final stroke of genius.
It adds a deep woodiness that hints at red wine tannins and leaves that tingle on your lips that you get from a really good Merlot.
Shnoodlepip is, quite simply, like nothing else.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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