The Wild Beer Co. Solera (4.4%)

Sole RaWith this beer, a blend of new Saison and barrel aged Saison, Wild Beer have completely won me over.
I’ve liked every one of their beers that I’ve tried but have wondered if their experimentation might get a little strained, a little bit boring.
But they keep impressing.
And Solera is deeply impressive.
In the main this is because it’s not a big, out of control bottle of, albeit tasty, weirdness.
Instead it’s a restrained, mature, deeply satisfying beer.
The smell is damp woodland mushrooms and not quite ripe currants and it wafts up from a beer that’s a lovely warm amber colour.
As you drink you get a host of different flavours, from just baked bread to black peppercorns, burned toffee to fresh truffles.
Then there’s a zingy wine vinegar that waves from the distance, hinting at wild sour abandon but remaining just on the edge of your senses.
Over this you find a crisp, zesty citrus kick before a finish that’s deep and smooth, honey and watercress, lettuce and sour apples.
This is an easy drinking beer to indulge in.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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