Alnwick Brewery Co. Ltd. Alnwick Gold (4.2%)

Alnwick GoldI’m getting so bored of Golden Ales.
There are just so many that are almost identical, pleasant but uninteresting.
But this one is a little bit different.
So far I’ve really liked the Alnwick beers with their Stout being the best, their Bitter being very good and their IPA being decent.
This, their Golden Ale, is more of a hoppy Pale Ale truth be told.
The aroma is a light, sweet, honeyed straw to match its colour, and taking a sip you get a soft and gentle caramel, some crusty bread and just a touch of trifle base before the FIrst Gold hops g all sharp and snappy with nettle tea, garden borders and green herbal leafiness.
All this results in a finish that’s sticky with honey but tempered by a good crisp bitterness.
Not bad at all for a boring Golden Ale.

Source: Alnwick Brewing Co. Ltd.

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