Beavertown Brewery Barley Champagne (8.7%)

Barley ChampagneNow this is exceptional.
I’m not entirely sure where to start with this except to say that with a single mouthful Beavertown’s Barley Champagne is one of my beers of 2013.
It’s a Saison with Bramley apples.
It’s a beer that kicks ass.
It’s a delicate fruity beauty.
It’s a booze driven sexy wonder.
The aroma is earthy, yeasty bread dough, damp orchards and brandy and the colour is a glowing golden seductress.
But taking a mouthful is something else.
There’s a a very good bread dough and hay bale, walnut and honeycomb malting, and there are spicy and spiky green leaf and lemon hops.
And then there’s this fresh just-bitten-into lunch box apple, it’s a piquant and lightly peppery apple that can only be a Bramley.
It’s bitter and sour and sweet and delicious and I want a crate full.
When Beavertown get it right they really get it right.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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