Beavertown Brewery Uncle Joe Russian Kvass (3.9%)

Uncle Joe Russian KvassWhat a terrible, terrible beer.
Initially I thought I might just have a bad bottle, but having wandered around the internet for a while it would seem just about everyone thinks the same.
The main problems here are an almost complete lack of fizz – there’s simply no life in here – and a sourness that tastes singularly of vinegar and lemon juice.
I hoped for a lot more from a beer made specially as Beavertown’s 100th brew.
The aroma has a slight first-thing-in-the-morning-wee stench to it, and there is so little of anything to distinguish in here save for the slightest hint of raisins (amazingly there were a LOT of raisins used in here if Beavertown’s blog is to be believed).
Happy birthday Beavertown, this went down the sink.

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3 Responses to Beavertown Brewery Uncle Joe Russian Kvass (3.9%)

  1. Jake says:

    Oh dear, there must have been a bottling problem. Every Beavertown beer I’ve had has been fantastic, so this obviously isn’t the norm for them. I had the same unfortunate experience with a bottle of Art Brew Snergi Bergesson, it’s not pleasant.

  2. oliver s says:

    Glad this wasn’t just me then!! I paid 9 something quid at Craft Islington! The flavour was kind of OK but it was completely flat, strange. If it had some spritzy carbonation it might have been refreshing but there was nothing…strange.

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