Fantôme Dark White (4.5%)

Dark WhiteWoah, that’s a rush.
I took a mouthful of this and it hit me like a speedball.
The flavours come so fast.
Liquorice root and chives, mushrooms, cabbage, lemon curd, sherbet, french bread and silage.
And that was just the first mouthful.
I took a smaller sip next time around and managed to control the onslaught a little better.
But driven by a super fizz, this beer feels far bigger than its ABV would suggest, with orange marmalade and toffee, damp wood and acorns at the heart of Dark White.
The hops have that cardboard brown dryness you find lurking in the back of a decent Gueuze, but there’s no real sourness here, a hefty bitterness yes, but nothing actually sour.
Towards the end there’s a lovely green apple cider bite stirred with a stick of cinnamon that builds to a super fresh green and sharp dry finish.
Another super beer from Fantôme.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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