Hepworth & Co. Hiver (5%)

HiverA Hiver is someone who collects bees in a hive.
I’ve long wanted to keep bees.
To keep them and not let them go, as Eddie Izzard once quipped.
Not that that has any bearing on me liking this beer, just I suppose I’m a wannabe beekeeper, a a wannabe Hiver.
So, the beer then.
Hiver is a decent Pale Ale that smells of honey and hay and orchards.
The malting is French bread, crusty and fresh, with some burned sugar providing a welcome hit of bitterness.
The honey in here is definitely in here, though it manages to not overpower, which is a good thing.
It provides a sticky, runny richness that’s rather nice.
The only thing I can find wrong with this beer is the lack of hops.
The label does state, “We tone down the hops […],” and I wish they hadn’t as the finish could do with a dry, bitter kick to freshen your palate.
But that’s a small gripe from a self confessed hophead, as Hiver is a very nice little bottle of beer.

Source: Duncan Murray Wines

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