Poldrakes Brewery Yankee (6.4%)

YankeeMore great home brewing from @hippy_jon, though I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between this and the Damn Yankee I tried a few weeks ago.
That’s a little unfair actually, the extra ABV adds a warmth and a depth to the beer that I like very much.
It bolsters the flavours, making the digestive and caramel malts that much bigger, giving you a flavour not unlike a Twix without the chocolate and maybe an added raisin or two.
As with Damn Yankee the beer pours a good deep amber colour, but this time its head is dense and creamy, with a smell that’s a slightly dirty honey and yeast.
There’s a subtle salted spiciness too, and then sherbet fizzy hops with lots of orange, lemon curd, nettle tea and a dash of olive oil before the finish comes on all bitter, sharp and equally sweet and sticky.
It’s amazing what a bit more alcohol can do.
Cheers Jon, this is good.

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