Slater’s Brewery Ltd. Haka (5.2%)

HakaYou know when you taste something and go, “Mmm, yes” but you’re not sure why?
Well, that’s this beer.
I can describe it, tell you what it’s all about, but I’m not sure I can explain exactly why it makes me say, “mmm.”
Haka is, unsurprisingly, a Pale Ale made with New Zealand hops.
It smells of peaches and straw and honey, and it glows orange in my glass.
There’s a very good crispy thin cereal and caramel malt and hops that are full of kiwi and orange, lime, gooseberries and Peach Melba.
The finish is sticky with honey, hibiscus and apple juice, bitter at the edges and with a soft sherbet fizz.
It does what you would want a Pale Ale with New Zealand hops to do, and it does it very well indeed.
“Mmm, yes.”

Source: Best Of British Beer

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