Growler Brewery Gladness (4.2%)

GladnessI like Madness.
For me they are my youth, my Top Of The Pops, my school discos.
Not a band I was a fan of per se, but a band that were always there and that I couldn’t help but like (even while buying Motörhead LP’s).
So, Madness have made a beer with Growler and it’s supposed to be Mad – an ale that tastes like a lager.
As a concept I find the idea slightly less than mad – a Golden Ale with Tettnang and Saaz hops.
It pours a decent enough gold, but there’s next to no aroma apart from a watery caramel.
And there’s very little to the flavour.
A soft as a whisper biscuit and burned sugar and then some lightly spicy floral hops that feel and taste very thin indeed.
The finish is watery and a bit insipid.
One Step Beyond?
More like a step short of the mark.
Madness’ Gladness is Badness.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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