Ramsgate Brewery Gadds’ Imperial Russian Stout Wild Turkey 2012 (12%)

Imperial Russian StoutI should probably give this a bad review as it’s flat as can be.
And it’s a big but.
But, Ramsgate’s Imperial Stout aged in Wild Turkey barrels tastes fantastic.
It’s big and rich and almost ridiculous.
The smell is pissed up plums locked in an oak wardrobe, handsome, delicious, angry, but too drunk to bother.
Taking a swig you get the remnants of a very good Stout, a Stout that’s been outmuscled, out-Stouted.
The chocolate, coffee and stewed fruit have been beaten to a pulp by woody madness.
And it makes this beer feel more like a spirit.
It’s warm and head spinning and dizzyingly delicious.
There may have been hops in here at some point too, but by the time you start looking for them you’r really feeling too wonky to care.
Gadds’ Wild Turkey Imperial Russian Stout is flat and perhaps that should be bad, but it tates so ridiculously good that’s it’s nearly brilliant.

Source: EeBria

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