Salopian Brewery Kashmir (5.5%)

KashmirI’ll tell you something for nothing, and it’s something I’ve told you before.
With this new range of beer – Automaton, Boomerang, Black Ops and now Kashmir – this little brewery from Shrewsbury is quietly becoming the one to watch.
Kashmir is a joyful hop bomb of a beer.
It begins with a smell that’s pink foam shrimps, iced gems, pencil shavings and fruit jelly.
Its a smell that you have to smile at.
The flavour is big and bold and sharp and fresh, with malts that are a supple and chewy dried fruit cereal bar coated in gloopy honey, and they’re the perfect platform for the Citra, Riwaka and Saaz hops to do their thing.
And they really do their thing.
Fizzy sherbet sweet shop fun, stinging nettles, gooseberry fool, woody resin and a good sharp grapefruit skin zestiness.
The finish is super dry and super bitter.
Kashmir is stunning.

Source: Salopian Brewery

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3 Responses to Salopian Brewery Kashmir (5.5%)

  1. Jake says:

    I first had this a few years ago at Bridgnorth Real Ale Festival and remember thinking “wow, just wow”. It was THE stand-out beer of the festival for me and by the time I went up to get a second half it had already sold out. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it since then, but now that it’s been bottled I made a point of dropping in to the brewery to pick a couple up. I’m looking forward to reliving that experience tomorrow when I crack one open 🙂

  2. Jake says:

    By the way, you missed Vertigo off your list 😉

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