St. Ives Brewery Boilers Golden Cornish Ale (4%)

BoilersHere we go again.
Another bad review of a Golden Ale.
Perhaps it’s just me and perhaps this isn’t too bad a beer and perhaps I just don’t like Golden Ales.
The aroma here is so light that you can only smell the wispiest caramel and sweetcorn if you really concentrate on finding it.
The malting is sweet and a bit too sugary with some caramel and a few wholemeal bread crumbs, and over this the hops are gently prickly, gently zesty, gently gentle.
As you drink you quickly realise that nothing here lingers, everything disappears as you swallow, save for the merest peppery afterthought.
And so perhaps this is an alright Golden Ale, a soft and gentle, polite and almost apologetic session beer.
And perhaps I really should stop reviewing Golden Ales.
But there are just so many out there and they keep ending up in my mixed cases.
Perhaps from now on I’ll just drink them quietly and not bother writing about them.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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