Arbor Ales Limelight (4.5%)

LimelightThose who know me know I love Arbor and know I’ve done a bit of work with them on occasion.
What they won’t know is that even though I absolutely love their new branding I’m a bit annoyed by it as it means I probably won’t be drawing for them again.
Anyhow, I digress.
This is a beer review.
So, what is Limelight – Arbor’s 39th Freestyle Friday brew – like?
Well it’s bloody good, that’s what it’s like.
Limelight is a Pale Ale with lime zest and it’s on a par with Art Brew’s Orange IPA for fresh citrus fruity goodness.
There’s a Twix without its chocolate from the malts and a “somewhat predictable choice” of hops in the form of Citra and Cascade that provide a good bitter grapefruit, lemon and herbal leafiness.
And then slowly building up from underneath there’s a lovely fresh lime zest that pops and snaps with zingy life.
Limelight ends with a long dry bitterness that makes me wish I had more than one bottle.
A very good beer indeed and damn them, their new branding is lovely.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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