Great Newsome Brewery Cold Snap (5.2%)

Cold SnapCold Snap is a “Lager Style Ale.”
I had a bit of a conversation on Twitter about what a “Lager Style Ale” actually is, and should it be able to call itself Lager if it’s not been Lagered.
As I recall we didn’t come up with a satisfactory answer.
So, what this is is a very nice beer indeed that’s been made with Lager mats and a “Pilsner style hops finish.”
Does that mean Saaz?
It certainly tastes like it.
Cold Snap is a straw coloured Pale Ale with a hay bale and honey smell.
The malts are sticky with toffee, shortbread, bran flakes and black pepper, and the hopping is sharp and keen, with a very nice fresh herbal hedgerow spiciness leading to a very enjoyable crisp lemon pip pithiness in the finish.
A very nice beer, but surely just a beer with a certain set of ingredients rather than being a “Lager Style Ale.”
I suppose they have to call it something.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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