Hey Shepherd Neame! What year is this exactly?

Bishops Finger RebrandedI have just been informed I should take a look at Shepherd Neame’s new advertising campaign for their relaunched Bishops Finger (the lack of an apostrophe still annoys me every time), and I am saddened and disappointed, but I suppose truth be told, not altogether surprised.
A couple of years ago I had a bit of a rant about various breweries still using Carry-On-Confessions-Of-A-Window-Cleaner 1970’s sexist humour on their branding.
And then I see this.
A brewery who I have met and am friendly with doing this kind of thing.
I’m not even going to publish a copy of one of the advertising images on here, instead I’ll just give you a link in case you want to have a look.
But a buxom maid sat astride a cask with her legs apart and the tag line, “Come inside and enjoy a Bishops Finger,” is in my eyes wholly inappropriate and unnecessary in 2013.
I bet Pumpclip Parade will have something to say about this too.
If you want to see for yourself, click here.
Shepherd Neame, I ignored the awful and arguably racist advertising for Spitfire like this one, but with this I am afraid you’ve have taken a nosedive in my feelings towards you.

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