Ilkley Brewing Co. Longhorn (8%)

LonghornLonghorn is a whisky barrel aged Cranberry Milk Stout.
That’s quite a mouthful.
The thing is, in many ways this is a lovely beer, except for one thing.
Longhorn is very thin, and for a Milk Stout that’s not ideal.
The beer pours a purple brown, but it’s see through and sits in my glass all flaccid and headless.
The aroma is fruity and earthy, rede berries and whisky, and taking a swig you get a lovely bitter sweet and sharp cranberry sourness, some coffee, bitter chocolate and boozy warmth, along with meaty mushroom and damp oak woodiness.
But the body is really thin, watery, limp and lifeless, and that’s a great shame.
In general I’m a big fan of Ilkley, but this just doesn’t work for me.

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  1. Ilkley Crafty Jane/Holy Cow are rather delicate and thin beers. I think it comes with the cranberries and then barrel age the beer? Nice points to Ilkley for trying the not suspected but I certainly not trust it to be good. Would love to try it thou.

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