Siren Craft Brew Rainbow IPA (7.9%)

Rainbow IPABrewed with Belgian Yeast and apple juice, Rainbow IPA is a rather good little bottle of beer.
The aroma is a fruit punch and autumn fields delight, and the Belgian yeast gives a deliciously earthy meaty backbone around which the malts and hops do their thing.
The malts are biscuits and honey, flaky pastry and sticky toffee, and the hops are sharp spiky chestnut cases, fresh herbs, jelly sweets, grapefruit skins and green grapes.
The result is a beer that feels hearty and crackles with life as you work your way smiling towards your final mouthful.
The only odd thing is I couldn’t find the apple juice in here.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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One Response to Siren Craft Brew Rainbow IPA (7.9%)

  1. Jake says:

    I guess the sugars in the apple juice got fermented out, so you’re left with various compounds from the juice, which would influence the flavour in some way (increased acidity, perhaps?), but not apple juice per-se.

    Of course, I could be entirely wrong and perhaps the intention was for there to be a hint of apple!

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