Batemans Vintage Ale Limited Release 2013 (7.5%)

Vintage Ale 2013Last year’s version of this was a pretty dire affair packaged half heartedly in a box complete with spelling mistakes.
This year I can’t spot any typographical errors, but equally I can’t find any improvement in the beer.
It pours a decent enough chestnut red, but has that same unpleasant vegetable matter odour as its predecessor.
There’s a hint of vinegar sloshing about under the prune and digestive malt that adds to the rather harsh chemical like alcohol burn on the inside of your cheeks.
There are some crunchy red hops and a finish that’ trying its best to be dry and bitter, but it’s undermined by the nasty nail varnish remover that’s wandering around all over this beer.
I won’t be buying the 2014 release that’s for sure.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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3 Responses to Batemans Vintage Ale Limited Release 2013 (7.5%)

  1. Phil says:

    I’ve not tried the beer Simon, but I agree on the packaging. I’m all for dressing up a beer in added finery if its a special release, but if you use cheap and nasty looking packaging it speaks volumes about the product it contains. I have Fullers Reserve bottles that are ten years old and the packaging still looks great, the Batemans 2013 effort is falling apart on supermarket shelves everywhere as we speak. Don’t think I’ll bother…

  2. john Gadsby says:

    absolute rubbish!!!!

    a great beer very high ABV and wonderful flavours

    you are so wrong!!!!


  3. john Gadsby says:

    Further to my last comment

    Was Inland ‘revieweisRevenue Licensed Property Valuer in the 1980’S in the midland 6 counties!!!!! So many Pubs!!!!

    Terrible job!!!!!!!!

    batemand vintage ale

    well brewed and with lot of subtle tastes and a million times better then the 1960/70 beers

    I saw in the rise of Keg bitter!!!!!!! real ale could still be wonderful even Brew X1 was magic if cask condition with a good land lord!!!

    Watneys red barrell!!!! None of you idiots have ever tasted it!!!! thank god!!!!

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