Celt Experience Brewery Barbarians Beverage (6.5%)

Barbarians BeverageThis Black Chilli IPA was brewed in collaboration with Otley Brewery and my first sip made me say, “Wow!” out loud.
That hasn’t happened for some time.
Ten days into 2014 and I’m already looking at this fighting to be my beer of the year.
Yes, it’s that good.
Pouring a deep purple brown with a big cloud of bubbles for a head, the smell is earthy, rich spicy chocolate.
There’s a lovely deep bitter chocolate and whole wheat toast malt, lots of honey and a splash of damson juice, and some good crisp and crunchy red leafy hops that are dry and lip puckering and herbal.
And then there’s a superb meaty, earthy, smoked paprika chilli heat that prickles at your tongue and warms your chest.
It’s hot, snappy, and has the most wonderful dry fruity red chilli flake flavour and I love it.
This may well be Celt’s best beer so far, and they’ve made some super beers already.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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