Otley Brewing Co. 09 (4.8%)

09 BlondeI, ladies and gentlemen, am an arse.
I poured this beer, a beer that should have been a bright shining, sparkly Blonde, so badly that it has thick strings of yeast floating about like egg whites in water.
It’s not a good look.
However that hasn’t stopped the aroma being fresh as a daisy, bright and floral.
And it hasn’t stopped the soft and sexy malting from being all fresh puff pasty and runny honey.
It’s not even stopped the hops from kissing you with their sharp, prickly conker case lips, green and pithy, and puckering you up with their tart lemon juice zing.
And last but not least, my ham-fisted treatment hasn’t stopped the finish from being spritzy and herbal, crisp and refreshing.
This Blonde is beautiful, even when treated badly by a lug like me.
Maybe I was just a little over-excited.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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