Tempest Brewing Co. Red Eye Flight (7.4%)

Red Eye FlightRed Eye Flight is a Mocha Porter and my first taste of beer from this brewery.
And what a way to begin.
I actually said, “Oh my,” out loud.
I’d heard rumblings about Tempest and how good their beer is, but I wasn’t prepared for this.
Pouring an inky black the smell of Red Eye Flight is freshly ground coffee beans, woody and rich and with a deliciously bitter edge.
Ad you get that in the flavour too.
Do you like chocolate coated coffee beans?
That’s exactly what this beer feels like.
It’s a crunchy, crisp, BIG coffee hit with a soft chocolate that melts away around it.
There’s a good resinous, woody hopping that giving some much needed fruity sharpness that helps the finish go all dry and tongue twisting, but it doesn’t manage to stop this beer being a chocolate coffee monster and I love it.

Source: Metro Wines, Syston

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