The #beerwithoutfear book

I’ve teamed up with an illustrator chap called Matt Jeffs to create a new type of beer book. Instead of the usual dry technical descriptions, the book focuses on capturing the essence of beer. There will be 52 beers in total – one for each week of the year – each with a jaunty description or vignette, along with a lovely illustration. The book has the rather natty working title *#beerwithoutfear*. Here is an example entry. We’d be interested to hear what you think.

Duvel 8.5%

Style: Strong Golden Ale

Brewery: Moortgat Brewery

An image of the DevilCast from Heaven, the Devil fell to earth. He landed on his feet, he always did. He smoothed out his robes and began to think. He should teach the Big Man a lesson.

A germ nudged a spark that liberated a thought. He should turn Mother Nature against God, using her earthly gifts to create a poison. Not to kill – he was a fallen angel after all – but to lead one to temptation. Take hops and barley from her earthly bed. Add some water, her life force. A final pinch of Black Magic, the alchemy of fermentation, creates a demonic liquid from divine ingredients. He leaves his satanic brew to seethe and simmer quietly, ‘til three full moons come to pass.

The beer’s celestial appearance, silky smooth taste and summer meadow aromas complete the ultimate deception – an angel’s shroud that conceals its devilish strength.

Revenge is a drink best served chilled, and in a tulip shaped glass.

Cheers, Andy (@BeerClubTubed)

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