Westbrook Brewing Co. “Taylor” (6.5%)

TaylorNow this is good.
“Taylor” is the fourth instalment in Westbrook’s series of Saisons, and it’s brewed with rye and wheat malts, Tettnanger and Pride Of Ringwood hops, and a mix of Saison and Brettanomyces yeast strains.
The result is a beer that’s the nearest I’ve come to my beloved Fantôme, pouring a gorgeous gold with a big fluffy head and a smell that’s all farmyard straw, apple cores and vanilla pods in wet leather.
The rye gives a meaty toffee backbone and the wheat adds a banana creaminess to the feel, that makes for a big chewy body.
The hopping here is subtle, providing a gently spiky herbal bitterness and fresh lemon zing.
But it’s the yeast that’s the star here as it fills you with fresh sour dough and spiced apple, along with a little silage and mushroom fug.
The result is a finish that’s both tongue coatingly sticky and teeth-on-edge bitter.
Absolutely lovely stuff.

Source: Metro Wines, Syston

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