Piddle Brewery Jimmy Best Bitter (3.7%)

Jimmy Best BitterI like this beer quite a lot, though I hate the fact that on the back label it’s called “Jimmy Riddle.”
We all know Piddle is slang for urinating as well as being the name of several small villages in Worcestershire and this one in Dorset (though it’s actually Piddlehinton in this case), so to use another slang term for the name of the beer is taking it a bit far.
And I desperately hope that the brewery’s pump clips doesn’t have the kind of imagery that I fear they do.
Anyhow, this Bitter smells of nutty fruit compote and the malts are digestives and stewed red fruit.
The hops could be a little bigger, but they give just enough nettle tea and lemon rind to add a good sharp bitterness to the finish of this decent session beer.

Source: Best Of British Beer

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2 Responses to Piddle Brewery Jimmy Best Bitter (3.7%)

  1. Jake says:

    The Beer Emporium currently carries a huge range of Piddle beers, but I was put off buying any because of the crass names. The labels don’t belong in Pumpclip Parade, but the names definitely do.

    Actually I did buy a bottle of Black Hole black IPA. I’m not sure what they were intending to do with it, but it didn’t tick many boxes for me.

  2. steve says:

    Piddle still going? Saw their name on list of breweries that had closed! Can’t say bottles I’ve had from them I really care too much either way to be honest

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