To Øl Ridiculously Close To Sanity (6.7%)

Ridiculously Close To SanityThis is, just as the label proclaims, a “MoFo IPA.”
Pouring a light orange with a big billowing cloud of foam for a head, the smell of this beer, whose name is too long to keep writing down, is Friutella.
Fruitella and lemons and yeast to be precise.
If you’re happy with a freshly made bagel and a distant toffee apple then the malts in here will be right up your street.
And if you like touching batteries to your tongue, squeezing lemons in your eyes and snorting limes and grapefruit then you’ll like the hops in here and you should probably see your GP about the size of your nostrils.
This MoFo IPA is ridiculously close to ace.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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