Siren Craft Brew 7 Seas IPA (6%)

7 SeasI seem to be on a roll at the moment for opening wheat beer that doesn’t taste like wheat beer.
Here’s the third of the day.
7 Seas is a Black Wheat IPA.
I like it a lot, but I fail to find anything wheaty about it.
Pouring black as tar with a big cappuccino head, the smell is chilli chocolate, gloss paint and limes.
The malting here is like a good Stout, thick with treacle, a dab of liquorice, bitter chocolate, wooden crates and digestive biscuits.
But where a Stout might continue this soft pudding with a crunchy autumnal hopping, 7 Seas throws handfuls of sharp citrus hops at you, freshening your tongue with lemon and lime, sherbet, mango and orange peel.
The finish is bright and zingy and fresh.
So what’s the wheat supposed to be doing?
Lots of beer has wheat in its ingredients to add extra body and the like, but if you’re going to make a big deal out of its use then surely it should be a star attraction.
7 Seas is a very nice Black IPA but there’s no need to even mention the wheat.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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