St. Andrews Brewing Co. India Pale Ale (5%)

India Pale AleOh, now this is good.
Really good in fact.
Pouring a warm gold with a nice fluffy head, the smell is all apricot jam and chives.
This is a big sticky and satisfying IPA with lots of orange marmalade, wholewheat toast, pear juice, heather honey, salty peanut butter and black pepper. There’s a lovely yeasty spiciness that crackles underneath everything, creating a solid meaty platform over which the hops are spiky, sharp, pointy and superbly tart with lemon rind, chamomile tea, nettles, a dab of aniseed and a bunch of herbs that make for a finish that’s long, dry and beautifully bitter.

BookletThis bottle came as part of a mixed case from Beer52, a new (at least to me) online seller and I really like the idea of the tasting note booklet that came with it.
Except for one thing.
The spelling and grammar are atrocious.
I can only guess each brewery has sent in their own blurb and it’s not been edited before going into the booklet.
But attention to detail is important and these things matter.
With that said, the selection was decent and I’m looking forward to trying some more.

Source: Beer52

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