The Kernel Brewery India Pale Ale Citra Vs Amarillo (6.9%)

India Pale Ale Citra Vs AmarilloOh gosh.
Young, cool, hip young things would probably say, “This is the bomb.”
But as I am no longer any of those things (and was never most of those things) I’ll just say, “Oh gosh.”
This is a near perfect example of how fabulous beer can be.
Beer doesn’t have to be boring – we know that already.
But even good beer, even really good beer, doesn’t often take your breath away.
This one does.
It’s a gorgeous resinous pine, sandalwood and lime smelling, delicate caramel steeped, freshly baked puff pastry malted beer with a mind altering birch, grapefruit and stinging nettle, fizzy sour sweetie pair of hops.
In short, yet more amazing Kernel brewing.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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