Bad Seed Brewery Citra Zythos IPA (6.5%)

Citra Zythos IPAThis is a trumpet blowing, self congratulatory, I told you so kind of review.
If you weren’t already aware I (and CAMRGB) was one of the first to champion Bad Seed Brewery, and this little bottle of amazement reminds me why.
You see, this is an extraordinarily good IPA, packed with mandarin and mango aromas, it’s like sniffing boozed up Opal Fruits (or Starburst for our younger readers).
Definitely made to make your mouth water.
A shining gold in my glass, the malting is chewy and mouth filling, slightly creamy and beautifully balanced between a dry toasty biscuit and a rich sweet honey and toffee brioche.
And if that weren’t good enough by itself there are hops that scamper about like excited children powered up on sherbet and tropical sweeties, eye-squintingly bitter sour jellies and lashings of fruit juice to wash the fun down.
I told you so.

Source: EeBria

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