Hillside Brewery Centurion (7%)

Before I give you the review of this beer I need to tell you that this is my third time trying Centurion.
I had a couple of bottles in a mixed case and both were off, flat, not good at all.
To their credit, Hillside Brewery apologised in public and sent a fresh bottle for me to try.
Super customer service from an approachable producer is always a good thing, and am I glad they sent a fresh bottle?

CenturionThis is a superb little IPA.
Simple as that.
It pours a deep orange with the freshest smell you could ask for, all marmalade and passion flowers and hibiscus.
And there’s a fruitiness all over the flavour of Centurion that makes you keep tasting it.
It’s peaches and pears, sherbet covered tropical fruit chews, lime zest, lemon pips, kiwi and grapefruit flesh.
Zingy and sharp and delicious.
The malts bubble away underneath, soft squidgy toffee, bread crusts and biscuits.
All this means a sticky, resinous, woody bodied beer with a lovely long dry and superbly bitter finish.
As I said, superb.

Source: Hillside Brewery

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