Kaapse Brouwers BEA (6%)

BEAOccasionally you open a bottle of beer and as you pour it into your glass you can just tell that you’ve got something a little bit special.
This is one of those beers.
BEA is a Black Rye IPA that pours an impenetrable black with a big pillow of cappuccino froth for a head, and its smell is a lovely mix of Marmite and honey, flowers and beef stock.
Taking a swig you immediately get a dry crunchy burned toast dunked in treacle, some stewed plums and moist pumpernickel.
There’s a super meatiness from the rye, it’s dark and bloody and perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but I just love it.
Over all this there are sharp bitter pithy hops.
Orange zest, lime leaves, patchouli and stinging nettles that leave you tongue tingling with a delicious bitterness.

Source: Ales By Mail

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