Bad Seed Brewery Lemongrass Thyme Saison (5.5%)

Lemongrass Thyme SaisonOh man, this is good.
And yet it started off badly, with a smell that was a bit too much like washing up liquid that had me worrying even as I admired the honey gold and creamy head of the beer in my glass.
But taking a sip made everything alright.
The thyme is the star here, so much so that if you’re not a fan of that particular herb you may struggle with this.
It’s big and bold, fresh and woody, like brushing past the thyme I grow in my garden.
Under it the malts are lightly toasted and beautifully baked honey brioche, and the hops are grassy and juicy, adding a good bitter dryness over the meaty spice of the yeast, and the lemongrass gives a citrus zing that sets off the herbal woodiness of that wonderful thyme.
Very good indeed.

Source: EeBria

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