Brouwerij Het Uiltje Pepperspray Porter (8.6%)

Pepperspray PorterHell’s Bells.
Pepperspray Porter is brewed with Carolina Reaper chilli peppers.
They’s a bit hot.
Did I say a bit?
They’re intensely, brain meltingly hot.
The thing is though, this is superb brewing.
It’s superb brewing because the face bending heat of the chilli doesn’t wipe out the beer.
If you stick your nose in you get red fruit and chocolate with a nasal hair burning heat sneaking in afterwards.
And when you take a mouthful you’re met with sweet chocolate and toffee, honey and buttery toast, burned sugar, coffee and roasted nuts.
There are hops too, all red orange musky woodland leaves, some lemon juice and a load of resinous pine needles.
And then comes the chilli.
It’s red hot and fruity, fiery but sweet.
If you like the pain/pleasure of intense chilli heat you’ll love this beer.
I for one love how the boozy liquorice sweetens the tongue withering fire of the Reaper peppers.
This is one hell of a good beer.

Source: Ales By Mail

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