Revolutions Brewing Co. Rio (4.5%)

RioThis review has been a long time coming.
I had six bottles of Rio and have drunk them over the last few weeks, telling myself with each bottle I opened that I’d write the review next time.
Yesterday I got to the final bottle without making notes, and so here is a review based solely on memory.
Rio is a Lager that sits a bright sunny gold in your glass and smells of summer gardens and honeysuckle.
The malting is a light biscuit and Melba toast crunchy dryness with squidgy caramel around its edges and the hops are sharp spicy herbal foliage, lemon rind and elderflower pithiness.
All this means a beer that’s crisp and refreshing with a big clean bitter finish.
Very good indeed, but I have one question, and it’s a question I’ve asked several times before – Is this a Lagered beer or is it simply brewed with Lager ingredients?

Source: Revolutions Brewing Co.

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